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Your one-stop shop for real estate investing. We help people start, scale, and automate 6-figure businesses with a proven 3-step formula.


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Understand the basics of acquiring properties, starting with the point of contact to signing your contract.


Blast off toward becoming the ultimate selling machine in your market, by building up a list of active performers.


Remove the complexities of contracts! You have access to EVERY contract we use when wholesaling, with full explanations and step-by-step instructions on using them.


Just because you build it doesn’t mean the people will come. You’ll get the materials and methods that we’ve found to be the most effective for marketing your business.


It takes a team of astronauts to run a space station and, at Astro, our team is the community of successful investors and students who support, advise, and partner  with each other.


Don’t waste time, doing the monotonous tasks. Automate them, so you can focus your valuable time on locating  sellers and buyers  and get to a profit mode faster.


Whether you’re brand new to wholesaling or a seasoned investor, you’re always  learning. And we make sure that your learning continues and expands.


Just like astronauts prepare themselves before going into space, we ensure that you have the right mindset to be successful and profitable.


Our members have found a high level of success, thanks to our proven methods and strategies.


Jamil Damji is an internationally renowned real estate investor and entrepreneur whose true passion is to empower others to create generational wealth through Real Estate. Jamil is the Co-founder of Keyglee, a nationally franchised Real Estate wholesaling outfit operating in 118 markets and counting. Additionally, Jamil is the Visionary behind Astroflipping; the most successful community of Real Estate Wholesalers with over 4,000 active members and tens of millions of dollars in student profits. His success landed him on national television as host of A&E’s popular show, “Triple Digit Flip”. The common thread in all of Jamil’s activities is his profound commitment to teaching others how to invest and profit in real estate in a smart, strategic, and ethical way. To Jamil, running a profitable real estate business while upholding values of integrity and honor are synonymous, and his teachings are imbued with this message.

Jamil Damji
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"The best decision I ever made was investing in myself and joining this community"
Miriam Espino

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