10 Day Secret Agent Challenge Re-Cap

Hey friends,

Last week we wrapped up the 10-Day Secret Agent Challenge!!!

The Secret Agent Challenge was incredible!

Every day was full of valuable information to get wholesalers on the right track for a deal. From the outreach to agents, to the ins and outs of their business, to key phrases and strategies to keep people on the phone, and much much more.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Ryan Zolin was an absolute monster on the phones! For every rejection or objection that he got from an agent he had the perfect follow up question to bring their guard down. Seriously, he didn't get shut down once! This was pure wizardry and truly unbelievable how he turned every call he made into lead. Ryan called his best lender and got the lender to send his best agents and best buyers as well. Last but not least, he got THREE property leads in an hour and a half. There is a reason that Ryan is doing 30+ deals a month and it was on full display!

  • Michelle Garabito called hot agent leads who were expecting her calls and had amazing, high quality conversations with every one of them! A few were even investors themselves! She not only made calls but she also opened the door for us to see how everything in her business works behind the scenes as well. Her ops manager was on the call and shed some light on how he manages and organizes the massive amount of leads they are handling every day.

  • Jamison cold called agents and got a few to begin bringing him deals. He also had his dispo manager jump on and call some agents to try to sell their deals!

Anyone who was there is now prepared to start cold calling agents and building relationships with the knowledge you need!

Normally, you would need to pay thousands of dollars to get this knowledge anywhere else…

Last but certainly not least…be prepared because while this was the first Astro Challenge, due to the amazing turnout and performance from the presenters, it definitely won't be the last!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 10-Day Secret Agent Challenge, and watch your inbox for the next announcement.

Talk soon,


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