112K on 1 Deal????

Hey friends,

Happy Monday!

Today I have an AWESOME student success story to share with you.

It comes from our student Brittany B.

Brittany just closed a deal for a WHOPPING $112,000 assignment fee!

That’s more than she EVER made in a year of her 9-5!

How did she do it?

Well back in August Brittany got a full portfolio worth 5.6 MILLION dollars under contract.

Her 3 BIG Takeaways were:

  1. Integrity.

  2. Following the process taught in Astroflipping.

  3. Building relationships.

Because of the amount of properties and complexity it took a little while for this deal to close.

But it finally closed on Nov 8th and she received this wire transfer.

How would your life changed if you got a wire transfer for $112,000?

A lot right?

I love seeing these kind of success stories, this is literally what gets me up in the morning!

This is what Astroflipping is ALL about, helping students just like YOU change their life and get the success they deserve.

I hope to hear your success story soon!


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