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Agent Outreach to the Max - A Real Estate Agent's Tale of Investing

What image comes to mind when you hear the phrase “agent outreach”?

An action-packed spy movie, where the evil organization sends their trained top-trained karate killers after said agent???

I mean…

I’d pay to see that.

But, in this context, sadly there are no super spies. Actually, agent outreach is a term I coined to describe the act of communicating with real estate agents as a real estate investor.

Now, if you’ve been following the blog or peeping my presence on social media, you know I am a huge proponent of relationships – that is, building and fostering relationships in order to succeed in life and business.

Relationships are, by far, the most important thing a real estate investor can have in their proverbial ‘black book’.

And real estate agents have the best foundations to become investors.

A Tale of Investing from an Agent

We have a lot of real estate agents as members of our AstroFlipping community.

(Like a TON.)

Having these agents in the community is invaluable in boosting the combined knowledge and experience of our members, while also providing deeper insights into the current market cycle.

Take Renee Kische for example. Renee just happens to be one of my AstroFlipping members, AND… she also has about 18 years of experience as a real estate agent in LA.

Renee’s interest in real estate investing actually began around 2006, but thanks to the Great Recession of 2007, that dream had to take a backseat. It did give her an appreciative view of distressed situations, however.

It was Renee’s first-hand experience as an agent that gave her the tools to become a real estate investor.

(An investor who just happens to use wholesale real estate as a strategy.)

As an agent, real estate investing is simply the next logical progression in growing your career. Now I know what you might be thinking –

Jamil, you keep telling people they don’t need a license to get started! Pretty sure a real estate agent DOES need one!!

Yes….and no.

If you aren’t already involved in real estate, you don’t need to have experience or a real estate license.

However, just like someone who previously took track in school might be a good fit for football, basketball, soccer, etc because of their prior conditioning…

So too can your experience be repurposed as a star-studded asset.

Now, this doesn’t mean that our hypothetical track star will immediately turn into a basketball star. But the foundation they already have from being on track relates to their transition into playing basketball.

The same applies to agents itching to transition into the investment side of the game.

The foundational knowledge you’ve acquired while receiving your license, along with your active experiences in the market, gives you a competitive edge over… well, pretty much everyone else in the community.

To see how Renee was able to make the leap from agent to investor, click below to watch this episode of Wholesaling 101:

One of the things Renee learned while on her real estate investing journey was the art of underwriting, also called comping.

Comping isn’t something that’s taught within real estate school, which is a devastating downside when it comes to learning how to spot value in a property.

Because knowing how to do that makes you an invaluable asset for buyers and other investors.

If you want a taste of how to comp, make sure to watch the ENTIRE video to see how Renee and ‘Privy guru’, Benson Juarez, go through a few comping exercises.

As a great band once said, “don’t stop believing” when it comes to what you’re capable of doing and what opportunities are open to you.

If you’re an agent who’s interested in learning how to get started in real estate investing, then come join Renee and our 4k+ community of AstroFlipping.


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