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All We Do is Win Win Win!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Can you believe we’re in August?

Is anyone else like “whaaaaaaat?”

It feels like the holidays and a new year are right around the corner, literally and figuratively!

And with a new month, comes new prospects. And in our business of wholesaling real estate, a new month is another chance to succeed.

For myself and my Astro student members, our success is built on what we’ve learned from the previous month and how we can use that to further the next month’s success.

And successes should always be celebrated! So this post, I want to highlight some of my Astro members and their successes during the last few weeks of July.

First up is Shaun Hammond, who got his first deal with an assignment fee of $60K!!

Astro Member Getting First Deal


This is an incredible win for Shaun and, as you can see, he’s going to use some of that money to take his lovely wife on a vacation.

Taking time to recharge can sometimes be hard, but something we should all do in order to reconnect to our friends, family… and most importantly, ourselves.

And while you should definitely celebrate this kind of win, don’t forget to put some of that money away – the last thing you want is to spend all of your hard-earned investments!

Another member, Tieirra Marie, also closed her first deal and got an assignment fee of over $11K.

She took part in our secret agent challenge, taking that knowledge to score on this deal:

Tieirra Closes Her First AstroFlipping deal

Tieirra mentioned that this is a course that gets people paid and I can’t agree more.

So many ‘gurus’ will teach you information, but then release you without any support when the course is over. Then when you encounter a unique situation, there’s no one to turn to for guidance.

Guys, I started AstroFlipping to help those getting started in real estate investing and wholesaling – and to ensure they avoided the same mistakes that I made.

Lastly, let me tell you about my man Justin. He was able to close on his very first mobile home deal:

Justin gets his first mobile home deal

About the experience, he says, “Astro is literally the blueprint to wholesaling.”

This is such a touching statement and one that I truly appreciate because students should not only get information from a course, but also gain value from it.

So it’s always great to hear these AstroFlipping events are doing exactly that for members, especially when they go out and CRUSH IT!

These successes are one of the reasons you should join a mentorship or a community to help you grow and learn.

Not only do we support, guide, and inspire each other, but we also celebrate those successes. We’re all cheerleaders for each other.

I am supremely proud of all my members and seeing them get these kinds of wins is one of the reasons I do this.

If you have successful wins you want to share or if you want to see this wholesaling blueprint for yourself, then come join us at AstroFlipping!


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