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Astroflipping Meets 4 Hour Work Week?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Today I want to talk to you about one of my students who is living the D-R-E-A-M!

So let’s give a BIG Astroflipping virtual round of applause to Michelle Garabito and her boyfriend/business partner Paul Nelson, who have made over $100,000 in assignment fees since joining us just 6 short months ago.

Now there’s nothing that amazing about that part of the story, not to brag but we have the most successful community of wholesalers anywhere online and making $100,000 in 6 months is not something we can guarantee.

But it happens a lot for our students…

No, the REALLY amazing part of this story is that Michelle and her partner Paul have been able to generate over $100,000 in assignment fees for their business in Denver while living on a beach in Mexico!! What???

Let’s break it down Jamil style…

As you probably already know, EVERYTHING we teach in Astroflipping can be done virtually.

So, Michelle and Paul are doing deals in Denver by using the agent outreach method and have done every deal virtually.

They have changed their lives, bank accounts, and location while being on vacation the entire time!

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

So what did they do?

Well, not to get too into the weeds here, because there are obviously a lot of factors but the main things Paul and Michelle did were to combine the 4 MAJOR ideas from Tim Ferriss’ Best-selling book the 4 hour work week with what we teach here at Astro.

The 4 hour work week was all the rage when it was written in 2007 and essentially can be boiled down to 4 ideas.

  1. Definition. The BIG idea of definition is that you need to divorce yourself from the idea of working til retirement. The BIG question you need to ask yourself in the definition phase is “If it wasn’t for the things you had to do, what would you be doing with your life right now?” For Paul and Michelle, they wanted to travel, they wanted to get more sun and they wanted to feel like their life was a vacation. Maybe you can relate?

  2. Elimination. The 2nd step of the 4-hour work week is to eliminate all the mundane tasks that fill your work life but don’t actually create VALUE. Things like multitasking, goal setting, and of course famously only checking email twice a day. Luckily for Paul and Michelle, our community had already done a lot of the elimination work, so they were able to eliminate time wasters like bandit signs or cold calling!

  3. Automation. In this step, you want to set up systems and processes. For their systems and processes, Michelle and Paul decided to use the agent outreach model we teach.

  4. Liberation. The final step of the 4-hour work week is where you connect your dream life to your dream business. Once Michelle and Paul were all set up they decided they wanted to live in Mexico and never looked back. Plus because they were able to live in a less expensive country they are able to live a much more comfortable lifestyle while still hitting their savings goals! This concept is often called Geoarbitrage where you earn more valuable currency from one country, like US Dollars, and spend in less expensive currency in another, like the Mexican Peso, while reaping the benefits of the difference!

So there you have it, how Michelle and Paul made $100,000 while spending 6 months on various beaches in Mexico.

You can do this too!

It’s not easy, but if you follow the steps I laid out, you too can spend your life on vacation while making an amazing living!


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