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The Biggest Reason for Doing What You're Doing in Wholesale Real Estate

When you first got started in your wholesale real estate, did you ask yourself why you were doing what you were doing?

Many of us tend to start things - whether it’s a new job, a new hobby, or a brand new business – and forget to ask ourselves why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Yes, in some circumstances it’s to provide for yourself or your family – no shame in that – but sometimes, it feels like we’re going through the proverbial motions. I mentioned in our last blog post that we had a fantastic time at our Mastermind, the first one for 2023, and I’m sometimes asked why I do these events.

Why do I personally run many of the coaching calls for my AstroFlipping members?

Why do I put out freebies for people to digest and learn from?

Why am I going beyond what’s expected of me?

The reason why I do the things I do is to give back and so, I’m able to watch others transform their lives and find the same success that I have. And that’s also why I put on our Masterminds.

I want to bring together all of Astro so they can meet and connect in person. While many of them end up forming partnerships and friendships in the online community, it’s nice to be able to meet in person.

Another reason is to further knowledge.

While I might know about wholesaling, there are things I don’t know and that’s why I invite a number of industry leaders in to speak. Even members of Astro are able to speak on the experiences they’ve had or have encountered so they can help others.

Stormy Wellington - AstroFlipping Mastermind 2023

This first Mastermind set the bar, for sure. The branding was off the charts and our speakers were fire –

  • We held a Wholesale Hotline panel with Pace, Brent, and myself

  • Rahima took us on some property views

  • Andy Rong and I made the announcement for our Astroblaster software

  • The awesome, total package that is Stormy Wellington was one of our speakers

Having all of these fantastic people in one space to share experiences and knowledge is part of the reasons why I do what I do.

What’re your reasons?

If you haven’t figured out your reasons or if you’re trying to find them, take a moment, discover what your mindset is and what goals you’re hoping to receive. Come and join us at Astro if you want additional support.

I was recently featured in this Forbes article with 14 other business leaders and entrepreneurs discussing what strategies we use to build up our adaptability as entrepreneurs. This is a great collection of leaders, so make sure you take advantage of their knowledge!


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