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How This Exciting Wholesale Real Estate Challenge Changed a Life

What would you do if you could change your life?

This is a question I consistently ask people because there are a lot of different answers to this. Every one of us has that one thing in life that they want to change, do, or start.

For a lot of us, that one thing seems so far out of our reach, so unattainable, that we believe that we’ll never be able to accomplish them. But here’s the thing, guys…

You can do it. If you believe it, then you can achieve it.

That’s true with my friend Tarek El Moussa.

If you don’t know who Tarek El Moussa is, he is the host of Flip or Flop on HGTV and he is one of the fix and flip masters. He’s also a real estate investor who has found tremendous success in our industry and man, it’s such a treat to talk to him.

Tarek has a friend Ronnie, who works as a fireman – a firefighting hero! – during his days, but also has an interest in starting his real estate investing journey.

Well, you know I couldn’t miss out on someone that looking for wisdom and knowledge, so Tarek and I decided we were going to help this dude out.

What followed was three full days of using our partner Privy - with help from our awesome Privy person Benson Juarez – to find deals, comp properties, and connect with buyers in the areas we chose.

You can watch day 1 right here:

Now you might be asking yourself, “Jamil, how will this video help me achieve my goals?”

And that’s an excellent question!

How to Reach and Achieve Your Real Estate Wholesaling Goals without Fear

Day 1 of our challenge started with hearing more about Tarek and how he got into the business. And if you listen, you might see that it’s a familiar story; it’s probably your story.

It’s certainly my story.

Tarek started investing in real estate with the mindset of wanting to have a better life than he had as a child. Show of hands if that sounds like you. The difference is that Tarek fought against the naysayers and the challenges to achieve what he has now.

And that’s the thing – mindset.

Mindset is so, so, so important, I make it the focus of AstroFlipping’s first week. Most people would shrug off the idea that their thoughts and feelings have any effect on what they do, but it’s not true.

Back in 2021, Stanford University did a report on how mindset affected daily life. It speaks about the different ways the mind can affect us, both mentally and physically. This of course became a big issue after a year of lockdowns and disconnections in 2020.

Guys, I can’t stress enough how mindset is everything – if you allow negative thoughts to bring you down or you allow the things others say about you to stop you from doing what you feel, then you aren’t going to accomplish those goals.

And accomplishing your goals should be done with a healthy outlook and support.

As Tarek says, having a mentor and others around you to help you be successful while being successful themselves, goes a long way to achieving those dreams. And that’s what we both did for Ronnie – gave him the support, tools, and community to help him get his first deal.

Make sure you watch all 3 days for some exciting and powerful tidbits and if you want to go the extra mile, hit the linky and join us at Astro!


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