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How Experiences & Foundation Helps Us and Others

Every few months, I put together a Mastermind for my AstroFlipping members.

The reason is so they can get further insight from our industry experts who come to speak and from me during one on one sessions.

One of the many stories we hear at these events is how a person’s experiences have led them to where they are now.

I’ve been open about how I got started in this business and how my experiences led me to this journey. These experiences got me to this place and I can bet the experiences that you’ve had brought you to where you are now as well.

The most important thing about experience is that it cannot just help you, but help others as well.

One of the reasons that I started AstroFlipping and one of the reasons why I fill my YouTube channel with informative videos is so that I can spread the knowledge gained from my experiences in this industry.

And it’s something I implore for my Astro members – don’t keep these experiences to yourself. Share them. Because sharing them can be an inspiration to others, the foundation for what their own journey might be.

Speaking of foundation, don’t get caught up in trying to get so excited that you jump straight to the meat and potatoes. What I mean is, frequently we want to get to the point of excitement, the point where stuff is happening.

But here’s the thing – without gaining that foundation, you might find some of your experiences don’t exactly lead to success.

For me and many other successful people, that foundation started with understanding our mindsets and perspective on how we approach our businesses.

That’s why the first week of my Astro course is dedicated to mindset and why a portion of the Masterminds are dedicated to discussing mindset because how you approach business, and life, is tied to that mindset.

I explain that to one of our newest members in Astro in this video:

I know and understand that having to sit through the basics can be boring, but as I state in the video above, those experiences that you’ve gone through have prepared you for this moment.

Those experiences provided the foundation you need to grow in life and you can use those same experiences to build your business up.

This past Mastermind weekend was so incredible and I’ll talk more about it in a later blog.


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