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Grow Your Business Success with Just ONE Key Ingredient

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

How do you grow a successful business?

This is a common question that many business owners and entrepreneurs ask at one time or another. And it’s an important question, no doubt.

Because it’s such a popular question, there are a ton of different answers and responses that come from it.

Go ahead – go do a Google search right now and you’ll find the first page filled with different articles, blogs, videos, etc. on what a business needs to be successful:

  • Get organized

  • Hire the right people

  • Do your research

  • Know your customer base

  • Build sales funnels

Those are just some of the answers you’ll get to the above question. And a lot of them are correct!

You should be organized; you should hire the right people; absolutely know who your customers are, etc.

However, the most important thing these types of lists and articles and blogs are missing is the number one key thing you should be doing to grow a successful business.

Uncovering the Key to Grow a Successful Business

Jamil, I’m on pins and needles!

What is the secret, if not one of the top results on Google?

I’ll tell you – ready for it?

It’s having your end goal in mind.

So many business owners get started with their initial idea, whatever that may be, with the goal of just getting started.

And I get that; if starting a business has been a lifelong dream, sometimes you just want to get to the point where you’ve actually gotten started.

But that can also trip a lot of people up because while they were concentrating on getting started, they weren’t thinking about where they would go or how they would get there.

Before I started KeyGlee, I already had an idea of what the business was, how I would grow it, and where I wanted it to go.

Basically, I had the entire business from start to finish in my head, with each and every avenue pinpointed. That’s the main reason I’ve been as successful as I have.

The key to being successful is to be granular about your business, including:

  • What the business will look like

  • How many people will be involved (organization structure, employees, etc)

  • What revenue you’ll be generating

  • What deals you’ll be doing (wholesale, fix & flips, etc)

This should be considered as part of your business planning, where you sit down and map out your entire business.

You should get your business mapped as best as you can; now, of course, things pop up – that’s life, after all – but you should stick to the plan as closely as possible.

Once you have the granular, you can start to work backwards until you have the whole picture for your business.

I discuss how I had KeyGlee in mind in this video clip:

Again, this is one of the simplest steps to take, but can also be the most challenging if you haven’t truly stopped to think about where you want to take your business.

This is a journey and a process, so it’s okay to ask for help!

If you’re trying to figure out how to structure your business or you’re not sure where to go from here, then come join us in AstroFlipping.


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