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The Beginner’s Guide to Networking at Real Estate Meet Ups

Are you new to this whole real estate investing thing? And you’ve scheduled yourself for a network meet up?

And are you scared to death having to talk to a huge group of people?

You’re not alone.

Guys, you wouldn’t believe how many people I see come to real estate meet ups and:

  • Not be prepared to speak

  • Are only there to talk to the speaker

  • Try to find the cool kids in the room

I can tell you right now that this kind of mindset and approach is wrong. Super wrong on so many wrong levels. That’s not how you go to a networking event.

And that’s definitely not how you network.

So then what’s the purpose, Jamil?

The purpose of networking is to make a connection and, as I’ve said, our business is one of connections.

Look, I’m sure you’ve been to other network events where you just collect business cards and then stash them away in your wallet or purse, never to see the light of day again. And I get that.

But in order to make networking work for you, there are two key things you should be doing.

How to Make Real Estate Meet Ups Work for You

So Jamil, what are these 2 great things I need to be doing?

Simple – ask questions and listen.

That’s it??

Yep. In order for you to be successful at networking and thus making those connections I keep talking about, you need to be able to ask questions about what value you can deliver to someone and then listen to their answers.

Notice how I said, “what value you can deliver”.

Asking others how you can help them is another big thing for you to say when you’re networking – in this business, we’re looking for ways to help others and bring value to them, not the other way around.

When we deliver value, we receive value.

And we can receive value from many, if not all, of the other people in these networking events.

Check out some of the ways the attendees at our last KeyGlee meet up handled things:

One of the reasons we put on these events is to connect both Astro members and KeyGlee franchisees together, but that’s not the only people who come to these events.

We always get a pretty mixed group of:

  • Wholesalers

  • Real estate agents

  • Fix & flippers

  • Other investors

And that’s just for our meet up events. If you use the platform Meet Up or even social media groups, you can find a host of other events with a much wider variety of people.

Basically, if there’s a particular person or investor you’re looking for, a networking group can help you find them and connect with them as well.

Guys, networking events might sound scary, but they’re not and shouldn’t be. These events are great ways to meet others in our industry and make the connections you need to be successful.

And if you want to make even more connections, then come and join us at AstroFlipping, so we can do some deals!


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