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How Krystle's Road to Real Estate Led Her to 4k Victory

A month ago, AstroFlipping hit an incredible milestone.

4,000 members.

That’s 4,000 members within our community, growing and building up their businesses, connections, confidence, and financial freedom.

3,999 members were already involved in making AstroFlipping the largest wholesale real estate investing community in the industry and Krystle Brown had just entered into an amazing group of people at the right time.

You see, Krystle was the 4,000th member to join AstroFlipping.

Here’s her story.

A Jersey Girl's Tale of Survival to Super Thriving

Krystle joined AstroFlipping at the end of March 2023, having a desire to get started in real estate. Her job as a gas mechanic at New Jersey’s Con Edition, while incredible in its job description, was keeping her from pursuing real estate.

She had previously tried Amway, where she met fellow AstroFlipping member Michelle Garabito, and similar to Michelle didn’t feel she getting what she wanted from the platform. That’s what initially made her hesitant to join AstroFlipping.

Would it just be another letdown on her road toward real estate investing?

With encouragement from Michelle, Krystle decided to take the leap. Little did she know, that leap would not only lead her to be the 4,000th member of AstroFlipping but would get her a seat at this summer’s Mastermind.

“I’ve never been given an opportunity out of the gate like this.”

Her first week in the course helped her notice a lot of things that most people don’t want to notice. That first week is devoted to understanding your mindset and limiting beliefs that you might even realize that you have.

For Krystle, it meant having to take a deep dive into herself and make the choice of holding herself accountable if she wanted to get to where she wanted to go.

If being a gas mechanic for a state’s major utility company wasn’t already on the scale of awesome, Krystle is also a cancer survivor. One of her major reasons for wanting to get into real estate investing and AstroFlipping was the need to give back and help others.

She dedicates time to donating and supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, giving back to the organizations and others that helped her in her time of need.

That’s another thing that she wants to do.

After 8 weeks in the community, Krystle wants to reach the level where she can also provide guidance and advice to beginners in this industry.

“Each one teaches one.”

That’s one of my favorite quotes from Krystie because she truly gets the meaning of the Astro community.

When we teach someone, they will turn around and teach someone else. That’s what Krystle loves most about being in AstroFlipping, the authenticity of the community and the overwhelming support.

When she was told she was not only the 4,000th member to join, but that she would be going to Mastermind, she broke down and cried. Instead of ridicule, the community congratulated her.

This will be Krystle’s first Mastermind and hopefully, not her last. As mentioned, the wealth of knowledge that will be present – that’s always present at our Masterminds – is an opportunity to learn and network with others doing the same thing she is.

“Jamil has created a force to be reckoned with.”

I’m super stoked to see where Krystle’s journey will take her and what she’ll do with her own experiences and knowledge to help others in our community.

Will you be joining Krystle in her journey?

See where your path will take you and join us at AstroFlipping.

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