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How Leadership and Mentorship Make a Difference in the Wholesale Real Estate Game

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

This past weekend, my last Mastermind of 2022 blew my expectations out of the water!

We always try to get the best speakers and experts to come in and speak to our Astro members on what’s been working for them (or us), what didn’t work, and how we do things better in order to grow our success.

October AstroFlipping Mastermind Weekend 2022

But there’s more to being a leader or a mentor than just putting on an event every few weeks or months.

That’s the main problem with other ‘gurus’ out there – they do their shows, people go to them, but come out either not learning what they wanted or hoped or not learning anything at all.

Why Leadership Matters in Real Estate Investing

Imagine you’ve been in the real estate game for years, maybe even decades, and you’ve been working in a space that’s notoriously hard to buy and sell in.

You know the business and you’re entering a different part of that space, so of course, you want to help anyone who might be new or in a similar position. How do you do it?

Even more, how do you do it in such a way that people actually listen to you?

One of my AstroFlipping members had this exact question last week. She’s been in real estate for several years and wanted to share with others her experience, but it doesn’t seem people are actively listening.

So how do I, as the founder of AstroFlipping and cofounder of KeyGlee, get people to listen to me?

The way I approach leadership is by sharing more than what is comfortable; for me, that means engaging and resonating with the people I’m talking to and helping lift them up to the same level.

During 2020, I started to talk to people about being a wholesaler and the journey I was taking through social media. Say what you will about it, if you use it in such a way to again, engage with others, it can be a fantastic tool to reach people in similar situations.

This is the authenticity people speak of when discussing social media.

And that being real with people not only resonates but engages people because you’re speaking as a person, experiencing what they are or have been. Another thing is you have to tell people your credentials.

As we note in the call, you might you don’t have to tell people that, but you do. And you have to do it loudly so they can hear you all the way in the back.

It’s uncomfortable because it sounds like you’re bragging, but what you’re actually doing is telling people that you have the experience, expertise, and skills to know what you’re talking about.

In our community, we’re very much about “let me help you help yourself” and what that looks like is helping those who are new to this space, helping those who are seasoned learn something new, and thus…helping ourselves learn other methods we didn’t know existed.

You can check out that live call here:

I started AstroFlipping to help people get started in wholesaling with the knowledge and tools that I didn’t have and I’m lucky to have an amazing amount of student members who bring their knowledge and experience to each other.

If you’re looking for guidance or support or you want to share your own experience in our industry, leave a comment or come join our community.


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