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Work with What You've Got: How to Thrive on Social as a Wholesaler

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

I recently did a panel about social media in Boise. I was on stage, in front of a pretty good set of a thousand people.

And I was in my bathrobe.

Before you ask, no it wasn’t a gimmick or the theme of the panel wasn’t a pajama party, I just literally went out on stage in a bathrobe for the obvious reasons as to why someone does a panel talk in a bathrobe.

I had no clothes.

Let me back up a little bit. So my beautiful wife usually packs for me when I’m traveling because she’s an amazing woman. For this particular trip, both of us were busy and we were going about doing other things.

In the hustle and bustle of everything, she had a number of shirts for me to wear that were set out on the dresser, but hadn’t made it into my suitcase.

I, of course, didn’t notice this, other than the fact that my bag was a bit lighter than usual, but nothing weird.

At least until I was about to go to the auditorium for this panel and realized I had nothing to wear.

Nothing but a bathrobe that is.

Hence why I was on stage in a bathrobe. However, while the circumstances of my appearance were a complete fluke and accident, it lent itself to my talk that day.

Working with What You’ve Got

The panel I was doing in Boise was all about how to be your authentic self on social media.

Work with social media_image by Solen Feyissa

Too often we’re taken up by the lives and adventures of others, to the point that to show we’re just as cool, we don’t tend to show our real selves on these platforms.

I admit to doing the same – my journey coming back to real estate investing started on Instagram and I had to think about whether I should tell my story of what I was doing and how I was doing it.

What I found was that the most open and honest I was about the process and my path through it, the more people began following me and the more connections I made.

People want others to be their authentic selves on social.

Social media helped to grow those connections and grow my business network because I was honest about the real estate journey I was on, what I was doing, and how I got there.

I’m not saying you have to spill all of your deep dark secrets (and you absolutely not do that cause there are dangers online), I am saying that you shouldn’t try to be someone you’re not.

For instance, if you’re new to real estate investing, tell people you’re new. Ask questions, ask for advice, and be open to receiving feedback. If you’re learning and growing, show it!

That was the exact thing I was speaking about at this panel and I was doing it in a bathrobe.

Yeah, I could’ve gone out and bought new clothes or had my wife overnight something, but I decided to work with what I had. And what better way to show that than to be standing on stage in a bathrobe because neither my wife nor I had remembered to put clothes into my suitcase.

Social media can be a huge boost in gaining new support and guidance, as well as exposure for you and your business. So go out and introduce your true self!

You can easily get started by joining the AstroFlipping community and go from there.

Last thing - make sure you have clothes in your luggage before you leave on a trip!


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