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How we became the #1 Wholesale in the USA

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

When I started doing wholesaling, I was averaging one to two wholesale deals a month, and it wasn’t cutting it.

Now, my team and I are doing anywhere from 60 to 80 sales a month. It was all a change of perspective and how we went about doing things. The best part is because it’s something that I love, I don’t really feel like I’m working!

But Jamil, there’s supposed to be a grind to this right? It needs to be an uphill battle right?

I just did a case study to show that you can make 50+ deals A MONTH, without using your own money for marketing

Traditional wholesale is a ton of work, with very little rewards.

Traditional wholesale is a ton of work, with very few rewards:

In this case, study, I focus on things that will help you realize you can enjoy what you’re doing, whistle while you work, and make serious sales. If you want to be set apart from the traditional house flippers:

  • Spending piles of money to find motivated sellers.

  • Spend hours fielding calls and negotiating over the phone and at houses full of garbage.

  • Hold money during profitable months to make up for the months where you make next to nothing

Here’s what I’d use to fix it:

  • Let AstroFlipping make money for you.

  • Choose your market.

  • Don’t spend a dime on marketing.

Spending Piles of Money to Find Motivated Sellers

Have you ever heard someone say, “you need to spend money to make money?” That just never made sense to me!

Wholesalers will set aside entire budgets for advertising to just get people to notice a property they are trying to sell. Think of all the money slipping through their fingers as they “invest” in advertising.

Not only does this cost you time, but it cost you MONEY!

Spend Hours Fielding Calls and Negotiating Over the Phone for Homes Full of Garbage

Unless you love cold calling, you should just stay off the phone.

You also want to stay away from properties that look like they’re hanging on by a thread. There is a difference between a “diamond in the rough” and a home on the brink of being condemned. Use your time wisely with the right properties rather than snatching whatever low-hanging fruit is for the taking.

I have a business partner who never answers the phone. Never. In fact, he hates talking on the phone so much, that if I call him, he immediately sends me to voicemail and then texts me.

He’s not tied to his phone, cold calling, instead, he’s going out, finding deals, and closing them.

Hold Money During Profitable Months to Make up for the Months Where You Make Next to Nothing

If you’re only wholesaling or your only flipping one or two homes a month, times may be tight forcing you to live on a tighter budget. That’s not a comfortable way of living.

Wholesaling should be making you money. Especially if you’re making 60 to 80 deals a month. The wholesaling industry is not one where you are living paycheck to paycheck. Plus, it takes the joy out of it. Remember how we talked about this being fun?

Let Astro Flipping Make Your Money For You

If any of those points sound like a nightmare, it’s because it is!

That’s what I was doing during the time I was only making one to two deals a month flipping houses. Then, I literally changed my mindset and business model!

It’s helped me become the number one wholesaler in the nation. Are you ready to go and do the same?

Then let's go - Come and join us!


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