Lifestyles Unlimited Review: Everything Real Estate Investors Need To Know

There are a lot of brands out there interested in teaching you real estate investing.

Lifestyles Unlimited is one of those brands, and in this guide, we'll review the brand, along with founder Del Walmsley, and give you everything you need to know to decide if it's a worthy addition to your ongoing development as a real estate investor.

Let's dive in.

What Is Lifestyles Unlimited?

Lifestyles Unlimited is a 25 years old education and mentor group for real estate investing, founded in 1990 by Del Walmsley in San Antonio Texas and later moved to Houston.

They teach people step by step every aspect of Real Estate investing; from locating, evaluating, negotiating, financing, closing, rehabbing, leasing, and managing properties all the way from single-family homes to 600 units complexes.

Lifestyles Unlimited is best known for its radio show, where they produce hours of real estate investing radio content on a weekly basis. The shows are heavy on education content and focus on providing listeners with actionable information in each episode.

The radio show is available through a podcast, local radio stations, and online streaming.

Additionally, Lifestyles Unlimited experts and mentors write high-value articles on their website, and they claim you won’t be able to find these articles anywhere else.

“It’s not the money, it’s the lifestyle” - is something that my father always used to tell me, but apparently Lifestyles Unlimited had it trademarked.

They agitate the core issues that bother the poor and the middle-class, like:

  • Being free from having to go to work each day.

  • Having no boss who controls your time.

  • Being able to travel more.

  • And have a more pleasurable fulfilling life.

And they want to shift your way of thinking, that money alone will solve your problems.

They nurture a mindset which explains that focusing on the accumulation of money and materialistic thighs won’t satisfy your human needs and leaves people feeling empty.

Lifestyles Unlimited keeps playing on the mantra that there is more to life than money for the sake of it and that you should join them of you want more time with your family, time to dedicate for your health and diet, contributing back to society & charity, choose your own career and who to work with, and build wealth in the process.

They flag their main goal as teaching new members of their 40,000 existing community how to replace their earned income with passive income and reducing their dependence on jobs, pensions, social security, and savings programs like IRAs and 401(k)s.

They pride themselves as being unique in providing individually customized, tailor-made mentoring through “The Natural Progression of the Real Estate Investor”

The CEO and Founder, Del Walmsley, says:

“Our motivation is to attain the freedom to live how we choose and building wealth is just a way to achieve that. Life should be about passion and joy, not quiet desperation.”

Who is Del Walmsley?

Del founded Lifestyles Unlimited in 1990, after being able to generate enough passive cash flow through his real estate portfolio. At the time, he held a job at Bally’s Health Clubs as Director of Sales. Soon after starting his new business, he was able to quit his job.

Del has achieved a multi-million dollars net worth, but he also achieved success in other areas:

  1. In 2014 Del syndicated his national radio show, and can now be heard on over 100 stations across America.

  2. Del received the ‘Educator of the Year’ award in 2016 from Think Realty.

  3. He also served as Chairman of the Houston Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Council (IROC).

  4. His members have won local, state, and national Apartment Association Investor of the Year Awards 10 of the last 10 years.

  5. He himself won the Houston Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Investor of the Year Award.

Now that we learned about what Lifestyles Unlimited is, what they stand for, and who is their founder, let’s see what do they actually provide their members with, and if they fulfill their statements.

What Does Lifestyles Unlimited Offer For Real Estate Investors?

Like any other master-mind group or mentorship program, Lifestyles Unlimited offer a paid membership.

Lifestyles Unlimited has several membership programs, but only the very basic (or standard) one is being presented on their website. It is common for these types of businesses to have upgraded programs with additional benefits.

As far as pricing goes, it is hard to pinpoint.

Various forums, sites, and reviews present different prices, from 599-799 USD for the standard tier, and 5,000-10,000 USD for the upgraded ones. It might depend on special joining offers around certain dates, probably around the holiday seasons.

You can even see people talking online about the elite tier costing a whopping 20,000 USD.

As far as structure, meaning if its a one time fee or a yearly subscription, no data is shared on the matter. It is obvious that they want you to call, and to sell you over the phone. Alternatively, they would like you to show up at one of the free events and be sold there.

What does the Standard Membership include?

“A standard Lifestyles Unlimited® membership is comprised of several opportunities to learn about real estate investing and keep your knee knocking to a minimum”.

Here is what it actually includes:

Financial Freedom Program

This is an intense 2-day class taught by Del Walmsley himself, which takes you through the “Natural Progression of the Real Estate Investor”.

The class promises to provide you with an effective map to achieve financial independence through real estate, by teaching you how to acquire your first single-family home.

You’ll also learn how to gradually leverage your equity and cash flow into groups of single-family homes and then moving into large apartment complexes.

This class is also made to prepare you mentally to what is in essence hard work, and not a get-rich-quick-scheme.

They prepare attendees for hard work, dedication, and commitment, that will ultimately enable most families to produce enough passive income to meet or exceed their monthly bills in about 5 years.

They even go as far as saying that with the right mentality and resources, people who attend the class would be able to shorten the process to less than 5 years.

12 Case Studies Nights

Case studies are done on a monthly basis, usually in the evenings, and are held in one of the many physical locations of Lifestyles Unlimited throughout Texas. They promise to have a fun and inspiring atmosphere.

Recently, they have been happening online, due to the recent world situation.

Case Study meet-ups revolve around:

  • The 7 principles of how Lifestyles Unlimited is being run

  • Case studies of single-family homes investing

  • Case studies of multi-family homes investing.

Case studies are for paid members only, however, sometimes Lifestyles Unlimited holds free workshops and let people who are unsure whether they want to join to attend.

In the case study meet-ups, they have more experienced members share their stories with their most recent acquisitions with details, such as the purchase price, cash flow of the property, equity capture, how they even found the deal, and answer questions from the audience.

Simply put, the more experienced members welcome the newer ones (and those on the fence on whether to join) and elaborate on how they overcome barriers in their own journey towards financial freedom, with details on their latest deals.

Special Events

Lifestyles Unlimited offers members additional continuous education, and industry updates through special events like; Panel Discussions, Real Estate Roundtables, Expos, and Guest Speaking Events.

Q&A With Member Services Team

Lifestyles Unlimited hosts Q&A’s with the Member Services team every week 9am-5pm from Monday through Friday, with each team member being an actual active Real Estate investor. They are there to answer any questions members have and help overcome fears in the process.

Property Evaluation and Principles of Prequalification

This class helps members to learn how to determine the value of any single-family property they look into before purchasing. The class will also feature a presentation - mainly for the newest members -focused on how to achieve immediate results.

The purpose of the course is to make new members gain the ability to create simple business plans that will allow them to write offers on properties with confidence within 30 minutes of landing on a new deal opportunity.

Mastering Basic Property Locating

This class is more advanced and teaches members how to leverage your time to locate properties more effectively, how to identify a qualified agent, and how to approach them over the phone correctly.

Member Discounts

Alongside the services you get from your membership with Lifestyles Unlimited, you get additional benefits in the form of discounts on services and supplies from chains and companies like HD Supply, OfficeMax, Sherwin Williams, Pittsburgh Paints, and O’Connor and Associates.

These discounts act as a support group when closing deals, netting your favorable treatment, alongside cheaper prices.

Enhanced Online Tools

Members get access to hundreds of hours of video-recorded classes. They become available in the member’s area of the Lifestyles Unlimited website immediately after enrolling.

Lifestyles Unlimited Review: Is It Worth Your Time & Money?

First off, Del is the real deal. Almost all reviews of him as an individual online say the same thing, and he's developed a reputation for kindness, respect, and professionalism, not to mention his excellent track record as an investor and mentor.

But what about the Lifestyles Unlimited membership and training products?

As usual, you can find both positive and negative reviews, but it's pretty clear that the brand is at least making a good faith effort to provide solid products.

Is it worth the price? It really depends on your previous knowledge.

Newer investors seem to like their introductory training for the most part and find it to be a great value. More experienced investors tend to find their higher priced products unnecessary and overpriced.

Commonly mentioned pros:

  • Lots of success stories and proof to substantiate their student success and claims

  • Newbie-friendly while still being valuable for advanced investors

  • Highly engaged, family-like community

Commonly mentions cons:

  • Only Texas locals will benefit from all the features.

  • Walmsley is very blunt and may come off as rude with some of his philosophies.

What it ultimately comes down to is that, like 90% of real estate brands, Lifestyles Unlimited is simply repackaging basic real estate training and marketing it to new investors.

There's nothing wrong with this, and real estate investing fundamentals will absolutely help you create a great retirement for yourself, but if you want some more aggressive, you'll need to look elsewhere.

Next Steps: How To Actually Grow Fast In Real Estate

The real estate industry is experiencing a somewhat slow-moving revolution.

Technology and connectivity have created new opportunities, but it's still in the early adopter stage. The platforms have yet to be built that will make it easy for anyone and everyone to experience the benefits.

Or to word it a bit differently, the most cutting edge investing opportunities have yet to be written into the "fundamentals".

Building deal closing systems through new methods is how Astroflipping's founding team built the third biggest wholesaling firm in the US. If you want to be one of the first people to begin tapping into these methods, check out the free case study below:

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