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An Amazing Sit Down with the Godfather of Real Estate as Two Worlds Collide

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

If you guys haven’t heard of Ron LeGrand, then sit back and I’ll tell you a tale.

Ron LeGrand has often been considered the godfather of real estate and for good reason.

Not only has he been in this business for decades, but he helped pioneer the steps that many of us take when it comes to real estate investing.

For me, Ron has been a great inspiration and I honestly wish I had been aware of him when I first started out.

Like me – and like many of you – Ron made mistakes, learned from them, and then used them to grow his own investments.

And of course, he then turned around and shared that knowledge with others.

I was so blessed and excited to be on Ron’s podcast, The Mentor Podcast, with my best friend Pace Morby.

Check out the first part here:

This was a 3-part sit down between me, Pace, and Ron… and guys, words can’t even describe how grateful Pace and I were to get this opportunity.

In this first part, Pace and I talk a lot about:

  • Our entry into the real estate investing market

  • How we met each other and how we’re using collaboration over competition

  • The beginnings of the Pace and Jamil Do America Tour

  • Getting our own TV show on A&E

In the second part of the series, we actually talk about how being on a TV show works while we run our individual businesses.

And in the finale, Pace and I answer questions from Ron’s audience.

Guys, this was a great series of recordings with the great Ron LeGrand, so if you want to learn more about how Ron has helped me, Pace, and others build the business we’re in, take a listen, and learn from the master.

And as always, if you’re interested in getting started with wholesaling real estate investing, come join us in the AstroFlipping community.

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