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Housing Market Changes and Personal Branding: Why Both Matter for Wholesaling

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Welcome to September, everyone!

Does it seem like this year is flying by?

Honestly, I feel like every year feels that way, as though yesterday we just started the year and then suddenly we’re at the end of it.

Except for 2020 – that year sucked and felt like it wouldn’t end.

But with a new month comes new challenges and also new ideas and focus; even better when there’s a 3-day weekend to rest, relax, and recharge.

There’s a lot of things happening right now, especially in the current housing market that’s been giving some people pause on how to proceed.

As real estate investors – whether you’re wholesaling, fix and flipping, whatever – this weekend is a great time to really dig into what’s happening and how it affects you.

My awesome friend, Pace Morby, and I sat down a few months ago to discuss the changing housing market, as well as how your personal brand can help attract sellers and buyers to you during this time.

Jamil, what does my branding have to do with the housing market?

Surprisingly, a lot; hear me out.

You’ve heard me talk for months now about how the market is doing things no one expected it to be doing: increasing inflation, talk of a recession, and ultimately the big question of whether we’ve entered into another housing crash.

One thing Pace and I discuss is showing potential sellers, buyers, investors, or wholesalers that you’re a real person and not just, well, a real estate investor.

We talk a lot about how social media has been so influential for the both of us, but while we do post a lot about our real estate businesses, we also post about things happening in our daily lives.

That shows a level of authenticity that people like and ultimately respect and will respond to. It also helps to connect you with others outside of your business; guys, you would be surprised the networking and connections I and others have made that didn’t directly involve my business.

And that leads into the big elephant that’s stomping around the room right now – a possible housing crash in 2022. Pace and I actually address this in the video above, but essentially we’re both in agreement that there isn’t a crash coming.

Now, you all know that I think there’s going to be a pricing correction – something that’s already taking place – and it’s just the market adjusting to what we’ll see is a new normal when it comes to properties being sold.

Yes, offers have been slowing, but houses and other properties are still being sold and many are being sold above retail price. As I’ve said repeatedly, there is still opportunity in the market.

Another great point that Pace makes is the importance of learning new skills. Many times, we’ve spoken to budding investors or those who have been in the business for a time and we’re always shocked to discover that they haven’t taken the time to learn the fundamentals of the business.

Comping is such an essential skill set for us, yet it seems to be an underappreciated aspect for many beginning wholesalers.

September is the last month of the quarter, so it’s important that you’re pushing yourself towards success. One of the best ways to do this is joining us in the AstroFlipping community.

Not only do you get the fundamentals to start or build up your wholesaling business, you also get support, guidance, and advice from our many members. We also have quarterly Mastermind events, with our next one coming up in October.

Win a Day with Jamil Raffle

As always, keep crushing and keep a look out for the next chapter in the Notoriously Big saga.


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