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How to Reach Wholesale Infinity & Beyond - A To the Moon Interview

What has been a challenge in your life?

On the surface, this could seem like a blanket question because it could be anything from your professional life or your personal life.

This question is a strong one, though because it makes you think about what you’ve gone through and ultimately, can force you into thinking about how you want to overcome those challenges or face those challenges and say, “Not today.”

Most of us have had to face hard and tough challenges in our lives. And sometimes, those challenges can put us in dark places and some never get out of those dark places.

I’ve been in that dark place, I managed to get out and face those challenges and I’m so glad that I’m surrounded by others who have faced challenges and were able to look back at them and say, “Not today.”

And one of those people is Sharon-Lee Smith.

Sharon is one of my favorite AstroFlipping members and I tend to say that about all of my members because it’s so inspiring to see so many of them overcoming those challenges, flipping them off, and saying, “I will be a success!”

Before Sharon joined Astro, she was struggling with some personal challenges and was slipping into a dark place. She was already investing in real estate before joining Astro, she just wasn’t seeing the success she wanted.

Couple that with her personal situation and Sharon was in a spot she didn’t want to be in.

Sharon is an amazing person and I was so fortunate to get her on my To the Moon podcast where she talks a little bit about her journey toward wholesaling and facing those challenges:

“AstroFlipping didn’t just change my life, it saved me.”

Those are Sharon’s words and guys, she is a perfect example of the power of community and the power of our thoughts. As you’ll hear, our community was able to support Sharon – not just in wholesaling, but as fellow human beings and those who faced similar challenges – and with that, she was able to leave the difficult situation she was in.

Fast forward to today, Sharon is crushing it!

She is able to make a yearly income in just a month, money that has allowed her to pursue her passion and dreams. And Sharon has paid back all of the love and support by giving that same inspiration to our other Astro members.

She’s extremely active in our Facebook group, answering questions, providing options and alternatives that she’s experienced, and is always there to help others. She even started a women’s only group within Astro to support and guide our wonderful, successful women.

Definitely check out the above interview.

Challenges will happen, it’s a part of life, but how we handle those challenges helps us change how we handle new challenges. It’s cliché to say, but you do get stronger when you overcome these situations; but you can’t do it alone.

Find your people; find those people who are going to support, guide, mentor, etc. Join us in Astro if you need wholesaling, flipping, buy and hold, or investing people, find and join other communities that work for you and your goals.


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