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Realtor Regret? Why Having a License in a Slow Market Isn't the End

So you’ve gotten your real estate license and now the housing market has slowed down; you might be wondering if getting that license was worth it after all.

I’m going to tell you something that a lot of people might not – what you’re feeling is normal and it wasn’t a mistake.

What you’re feeling is the classic case of “realtor regret.”

You know how there’s “buyer’s remorse,” where you buy something based on your emotions and then almost immediately regret spending the money on that thing you actually don’t need?

That’s a bit of what realtor regret feels like; however, in our case as wholesalers, it’s the regret people feel when they’ve gone through all the training, tests, and exams to get their real estate license and the market doesn’t work in accordance to what they were expecting.

Housing Market for Real Estate Agents

Guys, it’s okay!

Even if you haven’t been in this business for as long as some of us have, the housing market does crazy things all the time!

Now, granted the last two years have been ultra crazy, but as I’ve said many times – this only opens up more opportunities for us. But why?

And more importantly, how?

What to Do as a Realtor in a Slow Market

As you know, I am all for both my Astro members and others having their real estate license while they wholesale.

Having that license lends to your credibility, especially when speaking with sellers, buyers, and of course, other realtors.

It also gives you access to avenues that are only afforded to those who are realtors, like realtor specific sites or platforms and networking events. Believe me, if there was nothing happening in the market right now, there wouldn’t be events for you to go to.

Right now, there’s a market correction happening – something many of us predicted would happen – and what that means is the increased interest rates we see now are what’s going to be the norm (though, the Fed may possibly drop them back to 5% at some point).

Keep in mind that each state and each city will be different, so while some places are showing no change in affordability, others are.

Real Estate Market in Phoenix, Arizona

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the local markets, not just what’s happening nationwide.

There’s nothing wrong with having your realtor’s license right now; in fact, it’s fantastic, and it will open a lot of doors for you. This isn’t to say that if you don’t have a license, you can’t actively wholesale properties.

You absolutely can.

But just like with other types of licensing, the more doors you can open by having one, the more opportunities you’re able to find.

Are you a real estate agent that’s feeling a little realtor regret? Come #squadup with us in Astro and get you in the right mindset!


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