Renatus Review: Everything Real Estate Investors Need To Know

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Renatus is the next on our list of real estate training programs to evaluate on behalf of aspiring real estate investors.

In this review, we'll give you everything you need to determine if Renatus is right for you, breaking down their history, training, and customer feedback.

Let’s dive right in.

Who Is Renatus Real Estate Investing?

Renatus was founded in 2010 by Bob Snyder and is located at 1312 W 75 N, Centerville, UT.

But to understand Renatus, you need to first understand Snyder's background.

Bob Snyder originally came on the real estate training scene back in 2005 as the cofounder of Nouveau Riche, a non-accredited, MLM-based vocational school, in partnership with Jim Piccolo.

The company went bankrupt in 2009, and Bob Snyder was sued for 5.5M USD.

After the lawsuit, Snyder and Piccolo went their separate ways, and Piccolo started a business named BizzBizz, while Snyder founded Renatus Real Estate.


Is the slogan and mantra used by Renatus.

Renatus claims to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and encourage financial freedom through education and community.

They aim to help you recognize and learn the powerful combination of real estate investments and business ownership as tools to immediately increase income while securing long-term wealth.

Renatus’ mission is to reach one million entrepreneurs with their teaching, and their vision is to create a community of principle-centered individuals making a positive, lasting impact on the world.

Their marketing is consistent with saying that real estate is proven to be a powerful vehicle for wealth creation when the proper investment strategies are applied.

Renatus takes great pride in the quality of their real estate investing education, easy to understand the platform, and high-end teachers and mentors.

But you are going to pay not only for real estate education, but also for the “privilege” of selling their materials:

“As students of the real estate investing education enjoy success in their investing careers, they become passionate about sharing it with others. As an Independent Marketing Affiliate (IMA), you can leverage word-of-mouth marketing to share education and enjoy the rewards of business ownership...the Renatus Affiliate Marketing Program allows individuals to earn a significant income through this entrepreneurial opportunity.”

They see this business model as a way of changing the landscape of America by touching one million entrepreneurs with this great wealth creation system.

What we see is the same MLM model that ended up leading to bankruptcy and a lawsuit in 2009.

And we aren't the only ones:

MLM model aside, Renatus claims to teach you how to transform properties from sad and neglected to stunning and profitable, and they promise to teach you how to build long-term value through hard work and wise investing decisions.

As with most MLMs, Renatus likes to focus on the community, that community is portrayed as as an intrinsic source of the value provided.

They keep enticing you to hear the personal experiences and life stories of people who have joined Renatus and taken control of their financial futures while they share with you about how you can follow in their footsteps.

Renatus has an active YouTube channel and a whole page on their website dedicated to showing how members talk about their meetings, educational classes, strategies, investments, earnings, etc.

The core value of Renatus according to the company is that it offers a flexible education system that can be adapted to your unique situation.

We are not sure what they mean by flexible, but the flexibility certainly doesn't seem to extend to the financial end of the business.

No official pricing can be found, and prices are only revealed on the phone or by attending free meetings, but this is what we were able to gather based on customer reviews.

Renatus charges by tiers (no information on what each tier includes also):

  • Level 1: $2,000

  • Level 2: $8,000

  • Level 3: $20,000

The most concerning reviews seem to deal with the stereotypical MLM pressure to purchase larger plans by maxing out credit and overextending your finances on the promise of future sales.

We have also seen versions of stories where people say you only start earning a positive commission after you reach $20,000 worth of products sold, indicating that Renatus is looking to earn that $20k off each customer one way or another.

What Do Renatus Education Teach?

Ok… So what do they actually teach?

We did some digging. And here is what you can expect to learn with Renatus.


Renatus claims to teach current, relevant, effective education, easily accessible online and in a live classroom.

They also promise that all classes are taught by "practitioner instructors" who work hands-on in the areas they teach, and that you can be confident that the strategies are applicable to real-life investing.


This path is designed to provide an affordable, efficient and convenient method for learning the essential topics in real estate investing.

This course promises to teach you the concepts and mechanics of real estate investment transactions from acquisition to exit in a self-paced, online learning environment.

Renatus offers flexibility to learn in several ways.

  • Video classroom is available online at any time

  • If you're on the go and prefer audio only, you can download the MP3s from our audio library.

  • You can participate in our live class filming as a part of the studio audience when we update our Essentials classes.


According to Renatus, this training is more advanced and relates mainly to investing modules taught by seasoned professionals who have hands-on experience in their respective fields.

They state that the curriculum is delivered in ten distinct Learning Paths.

Each one is comprised of ten classes related to a key topic in either real estate or wealth management.

Note that learners begin with the solid background of three Core classes, build detail and applicable information with four to five Strategy classes, and round out the educational experience with two related bonus courses.

Renatus flaunt proudly at their website their ability to teach 67 classes taught by 32 different tutors.

Here are the core 7 classes and what you get to learn in each one:

Business Management

  • Understanding Your Investor Id

  • Business Credit

  • Market Analysis

  • Small Business Payroll

  • Financial Strategies

  • Cost Segregation

  • Private & Hard Money

  • Raising Money & Partnerships

  • Advanced Velocity Banking

  • Understanding Credit

Retiring In Real Estate

  • Understanding Your Investor Id

  • Business Credit

  • Market Analysis

  • Private & Hard Money

  • 031 Exchanges

  • Lease Options

  • Multi-family Property Managers

  • Advanced Velocity Banking

  • Raising Money & Partnerships

  • Your Most Valuable Real Estate

Wealth Acceleration

  • Understanding Your Investor Id

  • Business Credit

  • Market Analysis

  • Real Estate Sales Success

  • Financial Strategies

  • Wealth Acceleration Day 1

  • Wealth Acceleration Day 2

  • Private & Hard Money

  • Raising Money & Partnerships

  • Your Most Valuable Real Estate

Fix And Flip

  • Contracts

  • Title, Escrow & Closing

  • Understanding Mortgages

  • Fix & Flip Day

  • Rehabbing Day

  • Land Development

  • Market Analysis

  • Private & Hard Money

Commercial Real Estate

  • Title, Escrow & Closing

  • Understanding Mortgages

  • Commercial Real Estate Intro

  • Commercial Real Estate Analysis

  • Commercial Lending

  • Commercial Leases

  • Commercial Real Estate Procedures

  • Seller Finance & Subject-to

  • Tenants & Rental Applications


  • Contracts

  • Title, Escrow & Closing

  • Understanding Mortgages

  • Multi-family Day1

  • Multi-family Day 2

  • Multi-family Property Management

  • Multi-family Fix & Flip

  • Tenant & Rental Applications

  • Market Analysis

  • Private & Hard Money

Wholesaling, Auctions & Lease Options

  • Contracts

  • Title, Escrow & Closing

  • Understanding Mortgages

  • Market Analysis

  • Wholesaling

  • Auctions Analysis

  • Auctions

  • Lease Options

  • Seller Finance & Subject-to

  • Private & Hard Money

And here is the line-up of tutors Renatus holds. We are not going to mention all 23 of their tutors, but here are 10 different ones from the main classes:

  • Auctions - with John Mccants

  • Auctions Analysis - with Darren Davis

  • Contracts - with Nicole Call

  • Negotiations - with Renatus CEO Bob Snyder

  • Advanced Velocity Banking - with Tony Scotty

  • Commercial Real Estate - with Christian George

  • Buy & Hold - with Chris Wilson

  • Creative Acquisitions - with Chris Albin

  • Understanding Credit - with Greg Counts

  • Wealth Acceleration - with Garrett Gunderson

So, how do they stack up to their promises?

Renatus Education Review

We are always trying to stay objective, and you can easily find good reviews of Renatus, like this one:

But it is just hard to know if these people are honest or just trying to get paid selling the product (the education and courses).

We are sure some percentage of people did have a good experience and did learn something from Renatus and their materials.

But no matter where we looked and how deep we dug; the majority of the feedback was bad, saying majority of the information could be learned for free online or from books, and that it is a company that sells its product through MLM only.

What that means is, in addition to becoming a student, you become a salesperson on their behalf, getting a commission for your successful attempts at selling their courses to your friends, family, and colleagues.

One of the main reasons the MLM system doesn’t work because it causes all reviews and testimonials immediately to have a “secret” agenda, be biased, and therefore very unreliable.

The people who say how great the courses and mentors are want you to join Renatus through them and earn them money by doing so.

That said, from what we can tell, the training you can get from the products is on par with pretty much any other real estate training product. Translation: it's nothing special.

And you can get the same quality information (or better) elsewhere and possibly for free through blogs, podcasts, youtube, real estate & entrepreneurship forums.

The big benefit of Renatus according to positive reviews is not their product;  it is the network you can get access to. You CAN find some extremely good deals and partnerships there, but that’s common sense because of the like-minded people and nature of networking in a community.

Can you achieve networking results for less money? Absolutely.

To the same extent? Not sure. You'll have to pay 2,000 dollars to find out.

To be fair, like in any training or courses in life, you will get out of it what you put into it.

Traditional real estate investing is about fundamentals and consistency.

No course, training, or community is going to make you wealthy overnight.

Final Thoughts

Renatus is by far the most poorly reviewed real estate training brand we've covered so far.

Whether their negative reputation is deserved or overblown probably has to do with your feelings on the MLM business model.

At the $2000, $8,000, and $20,000 price points, we have to say that your money is likely better invested elsewhere, but everyone is different, and as we've shown you, some people have been happy with putting those investments into Renatus.

Overall, we feel like the traditional real estate investing model isn't optimal for most people, due to it's dependence on sizable initial capital.

Simply put, if you have a good amount of money to invest right now, traditional real estate investing makes a lot of sense.

If you don't, you are going to spend a TON of time and effort trying to build enough capital to make that first solid investment, and when you do, you risk losing everything from a single investment going bad.

That's why we like to focus on teaching new investors our system for wholesaling, which requires very little upfront capital relative to more traditional methods. We help you leverage modern technology and hustle to start bringing in significant capital right off the bat, which you can then sink into more traditional methods if you wish.

To learn more, click below and check out our in-depth, behind-the-scenes case study.

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