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The Entrepreneurial Pressure Pit: How to Avoid the Traps of Youthful Business


In science, it’s the amount of force that’s exerted on a particular object.

In real life, however, it’s the act of pressing us to do something we either don’t want to do or have reservations about.

Here’s the thing about pressure though - when used on a goal or an achievement, that determination towards success is fantastic!

It’s EXACTLY what you need to become a successful entrepreneur.

That type of pressure pushes you to accomplish great things, keeping you hungry, motivated, and sharp.

But pressure, like all things, has a shadow side…

The immense pressure we put on ourselves, especially when we’re younger, can send us spiraling on a dangerous roller coaster of:


You want everything…

Right. The hell. Now.

The problem is, no one tells you that impatience comes at a cost.

The more time something takes, the less you want to be involved, and you tend to give up when the results aren’t immediate.

The problem with this should be obvious, but if it’s not, let me spell it out for you: impatience leads to missed opportunities, closed doors, and broken relationships.

Your impatience closes you off from potential opportunities because you couldn’t be bothered to wait for the outcome.


Younger generations often get the cold shoulder label of being “entitled”, mostly due to the fact that they aren’t doing what their elders did when they were that age.

Now, on a positive note, it’s GREAT that younger generations are finding their own way and blazing new paths for themselves.

The downside, of course, is that you start believing that you deserve special treatment or that you’re inherently owed something in this life.

This also tends to close the doors of opportunity and relationship building because you start to gain a reputation of being (exclusively) self-serving.

Not Feeling Blessed

A huge, HUGE, downside to all of this pressure is your inability to NOTICE and FEEL the manifold blessings in your life.

Certainly, when you feel things are coming apart and life is hectic, it’s harder to keep the good things top of mind.

But you do have good things in your life, whether it’s friends, family, pets…a roof over your head, food in your belly…

And most of us take those things for granted every day.

These may not seem like monumental details in the grand scheme of things, but they do matter and they do affect outcomes for your life.

As a child of East-Indian immigrants, I’m well aware of the pressures not just to succeed, but to make my parents proud.

Now, this wasn’t something they put on me - though some parents do - it was something that was just inherent to my family, my culture, and the society we live in.

My choices of career were either doctor, lawyer, or engineer and while my parents have always been supportive, my decision to be an entrepreneur sometimes felt like I was letting them down.

That pressure to succeed did grant me a lot of success, but it was only after I lost everything - including my parents’ home - that I truly appreciated all that I had.

And, as crazy or as simple as it sounds…

That’s truly the cure to the crushing weight of too much pressure weighing down on you…


This is ESPECIALLY true when you’re younger because the consensus is that you go, go, go; push on until you’ve discovered your purpose in life.

And unfortunately, when you’re so focused on being driven this way, you miss all of the great things that happen to (and around) you every day.

In one of my AstroFlipping coaching calls, I talked about this very thing with one of my young members.

One of the biggest lessons I share with him is to live life in the present moment - to spend time with his friends and family while they are still there with him.

If you want to hear more of our discussion, just click the link below to watch:

Either way…

I don’t want you to stop going for the gold.

Just remember to celebrate the smaller wins along the way.

And why celebrate alone?

To get more of these insights, along with the biggest, baddest, and bestest real estate investing community ever, come and join us in AstroFlipping.


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