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Top 3 Ways to Find High Net Worth Buyers for Wholesale Real Estate

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I’ve talked about how to find leads and deals through a variety of different ways and how you can leverage your relationships to find more.

But if you’re looking for a particular buyer, such as someone who has a high net worth, you might wonder if there’s a special set of circumstances to find them.

Thankfully, you don’t need to put on a ball or fancy dress dinner – unless you want to. Everyone loves food! – you just need to do three things.

3 Ways to Find High Net Worth Buyers in Your Area

So if you don’t need to throw a party to get high-end buyers’ attention, then how do you actually find them?

Again, it’s super simple:

  1. Use Zillow

  2. Use your county’s tax data

  3. Use a skip trace program

Let’s talk about each of these and how they’re used together.

Using Zillow to Find Million Dollar Homes

Zillow is a great tool when it comes to finding homes for sale in a particular location.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for homes in your current location or if you’re virtually wholesaling, you can put in a city and filter that within Zillow’s website.

Within the filters, you’ll want to set the parameters for housing prices above $900K and into the million-dollar upwards.

That will show you the areas you’ll want to focus on.

Pull Your County’s Tax Data

The next way to find high network homes is to pull your county’s tax data. Now, this will differ depending on which market you’re buying in, but most of them should have a public site.

For instance, here in Phoenix, our county’s tax data service is called Monsoon; it’s a website that allows you to search a particular area.

Once you have the data service pulled up, you can search for that county's tax records. Your data service should give you the ability to export the available listing.

Use a Skip Trace Program

The last thing you need to do is put your download tax data export into a skip trace program.

Skip tracers allow you to view the public information from that sheet, including the homeowner's name and phone number. From there, you just need to contact them.

Best Ways to Contact a Homeowner

You’ve found your desired market on Zillow, you’re gotten the tax data, and you’ve used a skip trace to find the seller you need to contact.

So how do you contact them?

By far, I’ve found that using texting is the best way and the most impactful.

Research has shown that about 95% of all text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes.

That’s crazy, right?

Now, just because texting is an option doesn’t mean you should ignore other opportunities to contact a seller.

Not every seller has a smartphone or one capable of texting. Some people may want an actual call; some prefer having a direct mail response.

Most importantly though, guys, you want to have a message that makes you sound like a person.

Basically, it should sound like you – people are very receptive when someone is reading off a script, word for word, so make sure you sound like yourself.

If you need help finding those high net worth buyers or even building up your confidence when it comes to talking to sellers, come and join Astroflipping.

Our community is very supportive and we always have live calls to help members get through any of their deals or to answer questions. Use this Fast Pass and let’s get to flipping!


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