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Top 4 Tips for Effective Networking

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Do you know the secret method to improving relationships, getting more business, and generating more leads?

If you can do networking right in a wholesale market, you can make major breakthroughs. Connect with homeowners, sellers, buyers, hard money lenders, and more!

Everything you’ll need to operate your business at a higher level.

A good networker knows networking doesn’t happen on its own!

You need to be just as hungry for networking as you are at finding leads. Just because you’re at an event, doesn’t mean people are immediately going to talk to you and give you leads.

You need to let the universe know you’re ready to network, you’re ready to build, and you’re ready to be successful!

But believe it or not, there are tons of wholesalers out there who don't know how to properly network or build their network. People line up for hours just to take a picture with someone!


This isn’t the time to find your “Cinderella” at the ball!

You’re here to make money!

Start talking to people, cut through all those shenanigans and share the sauce!

Here are my four tips for getting the most out of a networking event and improving your business immediately:

#1 - Make a List

What do you hope to accomplish from the networking event you’re going to?

It probably won't be the same for every event you go to. Do your research on the event - if they're celebrities or influencers who will be there, do research on them.

Also, do research on your own company. What does your business need and what do you hope to walk away with at the event?

Sometimes you’ll be looking for a partner. Other times you’re looking for private money. Don’t show up with empty hands hoping someone will put an opportunity in them.

You’re 99% more likely to achieve or find what you want from the event if you visualize it before and plan on finding it!

#2 - Have a Specific Number of People You Plan to Talk to

There's not a specific number, it depends on you.

If you’re shy, it could just be two or three people. If you’re outgoing it could be 20-25 people!

Whatever the number is, don’t leave until you’ve reached that number! Stay committed to your goal.

If you have a goal to meet 10 different people, do you really think you’re going to remember every one of them?

Don’t just talk to them - get their phone number, social media page, and learn their favorite food or movie!

This will not only make you more memorable to them but it will help you remember who they are!


Guys, do you know how many times I’ve passed out my number and nobody has called it?

Too many times!

Not a text, call, or awkward emoji. Nothing!

What was the point of us connecting and conversing if you’re not going to even call me?

There was no accident that you met the person that you did. There was a reason that you and the various people you connect with went to that event.

Don’t let that go to waste! Find out why you two met!

Follow up and foster that relationship. There is literally nothing you will lose by doing so.

#4 - Make Eye Contact

Be present in the moment, guys.

We’ve recently come out of a lockdown where people were completely isolated from their friends and neighbors and had to talk to someone through a screen.

Avoid looking at your phone or looking off at someone or something else. Be present in the moment!

Networking is about developing connections with other people. People are more likely to want to work with you if they feel connected with you.

Steps like this are the foundations of trust in a healthy relationship! Sometimes you only get one shot to meet this individual, use it wisely!

Want an Opportunity to Network Soon?

So if you’re feeling excited to put these principles into practice, I want to let you know about a networking opportunity here in Tempe next month!

The Astroflipping Summer ‘22 Mastermind is just around the corner and I’d love to see you there! It’s a three-day event where you can network with pros like myself, Pace Morby, and other wholesalers who are hungry to grow their business.

It’s a great way to increase your network, add $20,000-$40,000 to your monthly revenue, and get a behind-the-scenes peek at the nation's largest wholesaling business in the country.

The tickets are running out fast because seats are limited! Get yours before you miss out on this awesome opportunity!

Hope to see you there! Go get connected!


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