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Introducing, Jamil Damji! Wait, Who is Jamil Damji?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I made my first deal by accident.

I was eavesdropping on a conversation where I heard that a builder was looking for a specific type of property.

So, I started calling for rent from owners, and the next day when I was walking my dog, I walked by a property that was for rent and convinced that seller to sell me that house.

My first deal made me $50,000 and I was hooked!

From there, I built and built until I had a solid company making $12 million dollars. Unfortunately, I slowly started losing every penny.

My company was sinking and no matter what “old school” tactics I tried to salvage it, it wasn’t working.

To make matters worse, this affected members of my family as well - I ended up bankrupting my parents.

Growing up with an East Indian background, and for anybody who’d familiar with people that come from that background, that makes me an absolute failure!

I wasn’t a doctor, I had just bankrupted my parents, and then for a solid year, I tried to be a stand-up comedian.

There’s no punchline there; I was seriously a comedian for a time.

I realized this was going to require a total mindset change and I honestly had to look at how I needed to change my approach and tactics.

That's when I co-founded KeyGlee, which became the #1 wholesale company in the world with more than 75 franchises.

That business was so successful - and still is - that I ended up starting my own real estate education program, Astroflipping, in order to give people a better opportunity to learn the secrets to success when it comes to wholesale real estate investing.

I wish I could say this journey has been an easy one. I learned a lot along my path of stumbles and shortcomings but I can say, it was worth it.

My story isn’t special either. Anyone can have the success that I had, and I want to make sure you can have it, too!

My goal is more than helping you land your first deal.

My goal is to see my students build their wholesale business into something that is more consistent:

  • Landing three to five deals a month.

  • Growth, for both you and your business.

  • Have a company just like mine, where you’re doing anywhere between 60-100 deals a month.

I am a wholesaler, but I’m also a husband and a father. I have been in the wholesale business since 2002 and I have lasted all this time.

There’s no sense in hoarding all this information to myself. My mission in life is to impact as many lives as possible and share the knowledge I have with those that have a desire to learn.

If you’re ready to take this journey with me, come and join our Astro community.


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