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How to Win the Trust of Your Buyers as a Wholesaler

As a wholesaler, I’m sure you’ve come across your share of people who believe or even accused you of being a scammer or fraudulent because you’re wholesaling.

This is an unfortunate stigma that we as wholesalers face because there are those people who have done bad things under the guise of a wholesaler and that perception continues.

But that doesn’t mean that we should let it linger.

One of the big things I teach in AstroFlipping is how to do business with the highest integrity and importance on ethics and value.

The combination of these things is what helps win your buyer’s trust.

At the End of the Day, Honesty Matters

What’s the best way to get someone, especially a buyer, to trust a wholesaler?


The issue of intent has always been at the heart of the matter for us as wholesalers because the bad ones weren’t disclosing their intent when speaking to a buyer or a seller.

The intent is an extremely important aspect of our business and is the key to gaining trust.

In one of my coaching calls, a student member mentioned that she had contacted a buyer about an issue involving a home’s carpet. The issue could have either been by a previous pet or it could’ve been a plumbing issue.

The point is that my Astro member went to the buyer, told them exactly what they found, and asked that the buyer took a look.

The buyer then came back after their inspector looked at the area and offered to discuss any change in pricing because of this. You watch the story here:

At the end of the day, my member placed building up the relationship with the buyer first, even when it meant that she would’ve gotten a smaller assignment fee.

For some people, the decrease would be a deal breaker; that’s because they aren’t thinking or looking at the long-term benefits – a budding relationship with a particular buyer, which can lead to more business opportunities.

I’ve spoken before about how this business is built on the concept of relationships because they open the door to not just opportunities, but connections. They keep you in mind and may tell their connections about you.

This is how you build a relationship – by being truthful.

And while this story was about my Astro member and her buyer, this trickled down to the seller as well, because my member wanted to help them too.

If you’re struggling to build up your relationships or you’re trying to figure out the best way to show your honesty and integrity, then stop wondering.


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