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The Time a World Champion Boxer Discovered High Level Wholesaling

A welterweight world champion boxer walks into an office…

That sounds like a fantastic setup for a joke, but the fact is sometimes stranger than fiction. An actual welterweight world champion literally walked into the office of KeyGlee and learned how our business worked.

Jamil, quit playing.”

I’m completely serious!

Sit down and I’ll tell you the tale…

Andre Berto and the Most Awesome Day Ever

If you don’t know who Andre “The Beast” Berto is or you aren’t a fan of boxing, he is a two-time welterweight world champion, a three-time US amateur champion, participated in the 2004 Olympics and, oh yeah, he fought Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

The Beast is pretty legit.

Last month, we were lucky to have him on Wholesale Hotline, where he discussed his career and how he was getting into wholesale real estate.

It’s already exciting that such a superstar in the world of boxing would transition into our business, but the fact that he wanted to see how a business like KeyGlee worked from the inside out?

Bro, talk about your mind being blown.

Here’s the behind the scenes at this monumental moment:

If you’ve never been to our main headquarters, here’s your chance to view and see the inner workings of KeyGlee.

I explain to Andre:

  • How KeyGlee started with just a few people before growing to have more processes and a system in place to grow

  • How we do our lead generation with other wholesalers, agents on market, and off market

  • How all of this works together

As Andre mentions in the video, there are a lot of moving parts that happen in the background, but this is what has gotten KeyGlee to where it is now. Both of us are in agreement that having a strong team to work with us and building that up is incredibly important.

If you’ve been reading the blog or following me on social, you know that I’m very transparent on sharing my experiences in life and in this business. I believe that you learn not only from your own experiences but from the experiences of others.

That’s how you grow and build on development, both as a person and Andre was incredibly open about his own experiences. The one thing we’ve both learned from those events is how what we’re doing can help people overcome poverty and depression.

It’s a blessing and a privilege to be in a position to help others avoid the situations we’ve been in.

And regardless on how the market changes or when the market changes, there’s always room to be flexible. When the market changes, you have to change with it or you end up getting left behind or, in my case, starting over from scratch.

If you want to learn how to prepare yourself to face the current market landscape, check out this training video:

Above all, Andre shows that anyone can get started in this business, so if you want to do the same, come check us out at AstroFlipping.


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