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You Don't Stop Learning as a Real Estate Wholesaler and Here's Why

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

“It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning.” ~ Claude Bernard

I remember hearing this great quote when I was still in medical school and it perfectly describes what many of us will go through in life.

Admit it – once you left school, you kinda didn’t think anything more about it, right?

We did it every summer and extended school holiday and you might be watching your kids do the same thing; and certainly, there’s nothing wrong with taking that brain break when we need it…

But once we’re out of school, we’re really reticent when it comes to continuing to learn; the thought is “why learn what I already know?” or “why learn something new?”

Here’s the thing – you never truly stop learning.

And in our business, as wholesale real estate investors, we shouldn’t stop learning.

Why Wholesalers Should Always be Learning

Whether you’re aware of it or not, as adults, we’re always still learning, in some capacity. People around you are teaching you new things all the time.

As wholesalers or even real estate investors, we may already know the real estate basics, so for some, the idea of needing to know more seems pointless.

But as we’ve discovered over the last two years, especially the last few months, the market is always changing and we’re seeing new precedents in both buyers and sellers.

And that means that nothing we know now might be the same knowledge we know tomorrow.

Many of my Astro students are seasoned real estate investors, with several being realtors themselves; I’ve been in this business for twenty years.

And we’re still learning new things all the time.

Something that I am incredibly proud to do is teaching, not just my Astro students, but anyone who is looking to learn more about wholesaling.

BiggerPockets, the complete resource for anyone to succeed in real estate investing, made my entire month by asking me to do a few videos on wholesaling to get people up to speed:

Another aspect of learning is not based on the education itself, but how to better organize your environment so that you can better succeed.

Starting today, August 15th, I’m putting on a Secret Weapon Challenge, where you’ll learn to:

  • Better optimize your workflow

  • Find buyers to close deals

  • Send offers in an effective and efficient manner

  • Comp properties

This is a four-day challenge, going from today to Thursday and I couldn’t do it alone; I got four of the best wholesalers to be guest speakers so that you get the information you need from the experts who know it best.

There’s still time to sign up, because even if you miss today, there’s still 3 days of learning that you can gather.

Guys, you should never stop learning – whether it’s wholesaling or some other interest you want to explore, you should always take the time to learn something new, even if it seems minuscule.

I hope you’ll learn something new with our BiggerPockets videos and I hope to see you at our Secret Weapon Challenge.


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