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The Case of the Dead Wholesaler

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

It was a dark and well not so stormy night in Phoenix, friends.

I was at work late at night at the KeyGlee Offices when I heard a knock on the door.

“Detective Jamilock Holmes?” A voice asked.

It was a dame.

She said her name was Rea L. Estate and she had just discovered the dead body of her precious wholesaling business.

Murder was a foot!

She had come to me because everyone knows I’m the best dang real estate detective alive.

I had some questions.

“Take me through the case,” I said.

“It started with the leads” she said.

“It always does,” I responded. “Let me guess - they were too expensive? I bet they also came with a decreasing bank account and a dry pipeline. Am I right?” I asked, knowing the answer.

See, you don’t become the best dang real estate detective in the world without having seen a few of these dead wholesaling businesses before.

Maybe you reading this have your own wholesaling business on life support

Rea told me about her troubles.

“It’s been terrible detective! Every month I watch thousands of dollars get charged to my credit card. But there are only 3-4 leads! And because they cost so much I get really nervous about talking to them. Or I get on the phone and instantly I can tell it’s a bad lead, but it costs $800, so I have to gut through the call anyway. It’s been terrible!"

“Yep, all the usual clues are there,” I replied. “ Tell me, have you been using bandit signs or direct mail?”

Rea nodded her head. “It was horrible watching my signs get taken down and my flyers returned. I’m traumatized.”

“What about months with 0 deals and no money coming in?”

Rea started to cry.

“Ok, Rea there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that your wholesaling business might not be dead. The bad news is that you’re going to have to change everything you do to bring it back to life. I can help you but we have to start tonight!!”

Rea stopped crying and asked “How?”

“First, you’re going to STOP going directly to home sellers. That’s a death sentence as a wholesaler. I'll teach you what to do instead, but you're going to need to forget everything you THINK you know about wholesaling and real estate in that order. It's the same story from Phoenix to Philadelphia.

"Cocky wholesalers make a deal or two and think they know the business. Next thing you know, their business is lying face down with a chalk outline around it. Dead as fried chicken. I can help you Rea, I can bring your business back from the grave like Tupac. But, it's not going to be cheap or easy."

Rea looked up and said "I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Ok, then get your stuff, we have to see your office. I need to get a look at the body.”

With that I stood up and started to walk out of the office.

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