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Top 2 Fast Ways to Get a Wholesale Deal Today

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I get a lot of questions on what the fastest way is to get a deal and get that deal today.

That’s the beauty of wholesaling real estate and why it’s a great way for beginning real estate investors to get started.

You can easily get deals and get paid very quickly; in some cases, you might need the money right now.

So if you need to get paid from your wholesale deal right now, how do you find deals on the spot?

The 2 Fastest Ways to Find Deals

What are the fastest ways to find deals?

  • Micro-flipping

  • Agent outreach

Let’s look at each of these a little closer.


Micro-flipping is where you buy properties in need of renovations and resell them quickly for a profit.

The way this works is by getting in contact with acquisition and disposition wholesalers and then connecting them together. This is by far the fastest way you can start making money as a wholesaler.

The beauty of this strategy is the relationship.

Yes, finding leads and deals is what makes this business, but really at the heart of it is making and maintaining your relationships with others.

With micro-flipping, you’re starting a relationship with these acquisition and disposition wholesalers, which can continually pay off the more you work together.

That actually leads me to the next fastest way of finding deals.

Agent outreach

One of the methodologies I teach in my Astroflipping course is agent outreach, which is the purpose of reaching out to real estate agents and again, fostering a relationship with them.

As I mentioned earlier, fostering relationships is the heart of this business because the more relationships you have, the more deals and leads you’ll get.

This is especially true with agent outreach because agents may already be in process of an opportunity where you can get that contract then and there.

Then you just go through a disposition wholesaler.

Using agent outreach results in a faster way of getting deals because a contract already exists.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll close in five minutes, but the average wait time is usually two days.

Another reason to reach out to agents is they are one of the best sources for finding wholesale deals.

A lot of times, agents run across houses that they’re unable to list – these are distressed houses that have fallen into disrepair or the seller is unable to pay on them.

Whatever the reason, these are the homes that we, as wholesalers, are interested in and these are the homes agents are willing to tell us about.

I actually discuss how you can find a possible wholesale deal in the video below:

And that’s it, guys. Utilizing micro-flipping and agent outreach are by far the fastest ways you can get started in wholesaling.

If you’re interested in learning the methodologies being taught in Astroflipping, use this Fast Pass application to see if this program works for you.

We do a lot of cool things, like our Secret Agent Challenge and our masterminds, so if you want to get the ultimate real estate mentorship, check us out!


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