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Connected Investors vs AstroFlipping: What to Know as a Real Estate Investor

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Updated Oct 2022

When talking about investing and where to put your investment focus, real estate is one of those spaces that allow for different segments and specialties.

Since the global pandemic of 2020, real estate investing has become a growing trend for many people just starting to build their investment portfolios. And many see real estate investing as a way to create financial freedom.

Depending on what real estate investors are looking for, there are several brands and products that can appeal to both new and seasoned investors. Seeing as you’re here on this website, AstroFlipping is likely one of the brands you’re interested in.

But what about the others?

In this updated series, we’ll take a look at a few of the more popular services and brands that real estate investors might be interested in and want to check out.

For today’s look, we’re checking out Connected Investors and how it compares to the courses at Astro.

What Is Connected Investors?

Founded in 2005 by Ross Hamilton, Connected Investors is an online platform that connects investors to other real estate investors who provide private funding and/or off-market deals.

Connected Investors provides streamlined transactions, transparency, and removes unnecessary costs when it comes to finding, funding, figuring, and flipping real estate.

What is AstroFlipping?

In contrast, AstroFlipping is a real estate education mentorship that teaches investors how to grow and scale their wholesaling business.

I founded the mentorship in 2018, after being in the business for about 18 years and co-founding KeyGlee. I wanted to have a supportive community that would help others grow their business while succeeding in their own.

What’s the Difference Between Connected Investors and AstroFlipping?

Basically, Connected Investors is a platform, whereas AstroFlipping is an education course.

However, we have many members in Astro, who are also members of Connected Investors, supplementing the resources from both to scale their wholesale business.

The use of technology within real estate is incredibly important for those in our business.

Being able to find deals, sellers, and buyers in a quick and efficient manner is so important. And the fastest way to get there is through the technology that we use every day.

And the reason why platforms like Connected Investors are so popular – the ability to use that technology, the same tech we use every day, to connect and network with others in the industry. These connections are critical for wholesalers, fix and flippers, and other investors.

Now, the main difference here is that Connected Investors is branded for those looking for deals and leads; at AstroFlipping, we’re educating and building the foundation for those same investors to grow and scale their business the right way.

Which Service Should I Choose?

In this case, if you’re already using Connected Investors, and you’re able to get your deals and leads – and you know how to maximize the process – then you’re good to go.

However, you can get even more leverage by using Connected Investors and also becoming a member at Astro! As mentioned, many of our members use the platform in order to increase their network connections.

And in this business, having the right connections can get you a bigger picture of what’s happening in the market and puts you ahead of other investors who are still trying to do traditional wholesaling.

If you want to send your wholesaling efforts into the stratosphere, then come join us, as we keep flip, flip, flippin’! What’re you waiting for?


This review needs an update now that CI is owned by First American Title Co


I signed up with Connected Investors and my account got suspended as soon as my VPN was turned on. You have to phone in to customer service to get it turned back on but have to answer a bunch of questions before they unsuspend your account. I suspect they make their money based on selling your information.

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