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How To Be a Realtor and a Wholesaler to Further Your Real Estate Investment

Picture this: you have a realtor’s license and you’ve been doing your realtor thing for a while and then you discover this new thing called wholesaling.

You think both are cool, but does that mean you have to choose one over the other? Could you possibly do both?

That’s a common scenario we see in the AstroFlipping community – we have a lot of people who are new to real estate wholesaling, but have come from previous backgrounds in real estate.

Such as being a real estate agent.

I actively encourage all of my realtor members to use wholesaling, but I also encourage those doing wholesaling to invest in getting their realtor’s license. The trick, of course, is knowing the right approach to take when you start getting deals.

That means you can either approach a lead or deal as a real estate agent or as a wholesaler. There are benefits to each but, ultimately, the decision rests with you.

But above all, above all guys, the most important thing when you’ve got your feet in both of these worlds – you must treat these leads impeccably. By that, I mean you treat these based on the time they come in and where that lead came from.

For example, if a deal comes to you by way of your acquisitions manager/partner/regular go-to, then that’s your deal, and you act accordingly. If it comes from another wholesaler or another investor… it’s theirs, and you act accordingly.

With working both as a realtor and a wholesaler, you have to go on a first come, first serve basis. So if your manager comes to you first, then you get it first, and so on.

The key is to maintain your integrity in doing deals, which amps up your reputation and standing, which will open even more doors for you to connect and network with people.

But Jamil, what if someone questions what I did?

Here’s my rebuttal – if you did everything right and did right by everyone involved, you can still sleep at night because you did the right thing. No doubt it will hurt your ego and maybe your soul, but if you know you did the right thing, that you crossed those Ts and dotted the Is, you’re good.

A great example of this is the call I have with one of my Astro members, who works as both a realtor and a wholesaler. She wanted to know how to further expand her service. You can check out our live call in the video below:

This is such a great conversation because it’s a common one.

There are so many opportunities we’re seeing right now that having the ability to traverse both of these worlds should be thrilling. It’s also a chance to expand both of your networks.

This is basically agent outreach to the max.

As wholesalers, we need to have those realtor conversations, so we know what’s happening in a particular area, what sellers are seeing, and what buyers are seeing.

All of this helps us ensure that we have the right knowledge to provide the right approach to everyone involved. Are you a realtor thinking about doing wholesaling?

You can totally go about it on your own, or you can join the best damn wholesaling community ever!


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