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How to Overcome Low Energy & Get Your Wholesale Groove Back

Do you ever have those days where you’re just meh?

Either you just woke on the wrong side of the bed or your morning started out crappy, we’ve all had those days where we just wanna go back to bed and hide under the covers.

But what happens when one day turns into two or three or more?

Many of us have had this happen, whether it’s the season or an event, but we just have low energy; we don’t do the things we would normally do or we do them in a lazy manner because it’s what we think we need or should be doing.

I get it – recently, I had some minor surgery, but it did put me out of commission for a little bit, but of course, I had a host of things that needed to be done, so I did them.

And I can gratefully say that the energy I got to be able to do those things was because I had so many people keeping me in their thoughts, wishing me well and for a speedy recovery…

That’s what gave me energy, as well as the knowledge that I was going to see some of these same people at the events I was going to.

Your energy might be different, but I can tell you that when you’ve got that low energy, it’s very easy to start making decisions for the wrong reasons.

Why Giving Yourself Grace Gives You More Time and Fulfillment

Here’s the problem with having low energy – it puts you in a place where you start to struggle to do things that you need to do.

This can lead to you feeling defeated or discouraged and basically, not feeling like yourself. Again, many of us have gone through this, especially if we’re coming out of events or situations that drained us of that energy.

So how do you recharge?

First and foremost, you need to give yourself some grace and by that, I mean, don’t paint a portrait of yourself as a loser because you’re at a down point right now.

This is temporary, this will pass, and you should give yourself time to get back to where you were and want to be.

And once you get back to where you were or where you want to be, it’s okay to think about what you want next for your life. There’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead and taking action now to make that future a reality.

So be nice to yourself!

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