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Want to Leverage Wholesale Real Estate? Hear How Masterminds Can Help!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

If you’re just getting started with real estate investing, you’ve certainly heard all of the news reports about the housing market – is it crashing? Will it crash?

And if you’ve been a regular on the blogs, you know my thoughts about it. But in the grand scheme of things, if you are a first-time investor, getting into this business doesn’t need to be a challenge.

Especially not if you have an investing mentor to help guide you.

I’ve talked about why having a mentor is so valuable and the apex of that is going to a networking workshop or, as we like to call them, Masterminds. And I’ve mentioned the Astro Masterminds we’ve put on and how many of the Astro members find value in attending.

Attendees at a Networking Event

Well, instead of me telling you how awesome Masterminds are, I thought it would be better to hear from one of my members, Heidi.

Heidi hasn’t been in Astro very long, but in her short time she’s been able to take the stuff she’s learned and incorporate them into not only her business, but her life.

A Real Estate Investing Journey One Step at a Time

Like a lot of the student members in AstroFlipping, Heidi had no prior real estate knowledge before joining and had even begun looking at other real estate courses, both in her hometown of Tucson, AZ and online, before deciding to join us.

The other mentorships she looked at were nearly $20,000 or more and in the weeks leading up to her daughter’s wedding, Heidi didn’t have that kind of money to invest. And none of these programs allowed her access to their courses until she paid the entire fee up-front.

Funnily enough, while on Facebook, she actually saw one of the videos my homeboy Pace Morby had done and realized she had previously met both of us at another meetup.

After she learned about our show Triple Digit Flip, and started watching it, she joined AstroFlipping in December of 2021.

But just because she joined didn’t mean she was getting a ton of success.

Heidi is the first to admit that even after watching the first week of the course where I discuss getting into the right mindset, she didn’t have it.

“My mind was getting in the way of getting successful sooner,” she notes. “That lack of consistency and focus kept me from really working and spite was trying to rebel in my mind.”

For Heidi, her mind was telling her things she couldn’t do or shouldn’t do and, while she got her first deal in May of 2022, there were months when she didn’t have any deals or leads.

And then Heidi attended our June Mastermind and things started to change.

October 7-9 AstroFlipping Mastermind

One of those was joining the early morning mindset Zoom meetings, hosted by another of our Astro members, Mindset Marlon. Of course Heidi thought these early morning meetings were ridiculous, until she and her husband gave it a shot.

“The universe speaks to you about certain things,” she said about that first Zoom. “And multiple times throughout, I kept hearing about mindset, mindset, mindset.”

Putting that focus on having the right mindset allowed Heidi and her husband to create a schedule for themselves. That schedule focused them on the right goals, instead of just ‘winging it,’ as they had been before.

And that focus has paid off – just recently, Heidi closed a $30K deal and was able to fulfill a desire she’s had for a while:

Buying an RV.

Though she worried about using the money for something, she thought, was rather frivolous, her husband had these great words of encouragement:

“If you don’t do it now, you’re probably not gonna do it.”

And isn’t that the truth about everything we do in life?

We’ve all been there, I certainly have, when we want to do something, but our minds stop us or maybe it’s family and friends, who’re causing us to take a step back and reconsider what we want to do.

For Heidi, that meant surrendering her control and allowing guidance to direct that control; she’s a firm believer in investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with people who are having the same success that you want to experience.

If you want to hear from Heidi herself, she’ll be speaking at our next Mastermind, this upcoming October 7th-9th so if you haven’t gotten a seat yet, now is the perfect time to hear and see how we do it up at Astro.

Heidi was able to attend and found something that changed her entire business and personal landscape. As she puts it:

“This is not just a real estate program; it’s a life program.”


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