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How to Become Notoriously Big Chapter X: This Is How We Do It

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I’m super buzzed and it’s all because,

“This is how we do it!

“Astro does it like nobody does

“This is how we do it!

“To all our sellers, you got much flavor

“Cause this is how we do it!

“We’re flipping the track and bringing the ethics back

“This is how we do it!

Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Nearly twenty years after Jamil got into the real estate game, the world has entered new territories.

Once known as Lil Jamil, the Jamil in 2022 was known as the Big Poppa of Real Estate and the Wholesale Genie for his knowledge, experience, and success when it came to investing.

It seemed like a strange journey had finally come to a high point.

In those twenty years, Jamil – along with Josiah ‘Lil Skittles’ Grimes, Hunter Runyon, and his sister Rhi-Rhi – had built one of the most successful nationally franchised wholesale companies, which now operated in nearly 180 markets.

And it was still growing.

He had created a solid and continuously growing community with AstroFlipping, with the Astro Mafia providing support for over 3500 members and sharing that success as new investors got their first, second, or tenth checks on the deals they had closed.

Along with 2Pace, the two were changing the world of wholesaling and the real estate industry as a whole.

Their “2Pace & Lil Jamil Do America Tour” had been such a success, helping to raise awareness of the whole ‘collaboration over competition’ mindset that the two had and bringing more and more people to AstroFlipping and SubTo respectively.

And then the unexpected happened.

An executive for the television channel A&E just happened to come across a YouTube of 2Pace and Jamil.

In it, the two once again talk about collaborating with each other, sharing deals and leads with each other, and how they’ve built up this comradery in an industry that typically would not go out of their way to help each other.

The video didn’t sell anything, it was just two friends talking about how they support each other. It was something the executive thought was intriguing.

And something viewers would want to watch.

“A TV show??” 2Pace asked, stunned. He and his wife had been invited over to Jamil’s for dinner, a family gathering if you will, as Rhi-Rhi had also stopped by and 2Pace had brought along his son and young daguther.

As the group laughed and joked, Jamil was the one who had received the call, the number coming in as a New York area code, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for either man to receive phone calls from out of state.

Certainly, many of their student members weren’t located in Arizona.

However, upon answering and learning that the voice on the other was the head executive at A&E changed the script. The exec was calling to offer the two – along with Rhi-Rhi and 2Pace’s wife Laura – their own reality show, where they would go and close deals around Phoenix.

“I saw your YouTube video,” the exec replied, their voice ringing out over speakerphone and into the ears of the quartet assembled. “I liked what you guys said about working together and how that’s a very uncommon thing in what you do.

“I think our viewers would like to see what you do and how you do it.”

The four were stunned and excited. A TV show? Showing what they did on a daily basis?

It was too real.

Jamil looked around. Twenty years ago, he was a young buck just getting started in real estate and having no idea what he was doing. Along the way, he lost a ton of money, both his home and his parents’ home, before trying to find a new outlet in comedy.

Now he was a cofounder in a highly successful wholesale company, he was an instructor for a growing real estate investing community, he and 2Pace were on the verge of changing how people thought and looked at wholesaling, and now…

Now he was being offered the chance to be on television, with his best friend and his wife, and his sister.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding along with the others. “Sign us up!”


And that, dear readers, brings us to the end of our tale. Like many stories, our intrepid hero had ups, he had downs, he found love, and made friends along the way.

But this is not where our story ends.

And it’s just the beginning of yours.

You’ve seen how the story began, now you have the chance to see how the story continues to unfold. For this adventure proceeds to October 7th, when Jamil – the Big Poppa, the Wholesale Genie – hosts the fall Mastermind.

If you want to see the action for yourself, if you doubt the strange journey that our wholesale hero has gone on, then come to the Mastermind. Live and in person, you’ll see how the man, the myth, and the legend works the magic.

Or perhaps…this was all a dream…

Or was it?


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